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Meet Approachable Actor

An artist on a mission to demystify the
entertainment industry one collaboration session at a time.

Hi!👋🏻 I'm Victoria (aka the OG approachable actor) and I'd like to introduce you to my special creation. I've poured my 6+ years of experience in the entertainment industry into this, so I hope all you actors & artists out there can find something inspiring or inviting here. 

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My Story

The inspiration for “Approachable Actor” came to me after I received multiple messages from friends and young people over the past few years, who were interested in becoming an actor, but didn't know where to start. I was so honored that these aspiring actors felt they could come to me to ask for advice, and I’m glad I seemed, well, approachable. I enjoyed helping those who reached out individually, but as more and more people began asking similar questions, I thought why not create a streamlined platform with resources for anyone to access!

Through Approachable Actor, I will be offering online career collaboration sessions, allowing me and a client to go over their personal and professional goals as well as guidance on the best next steps for any stage in their career. I plan on serving as a supportive friend/mentor figure to clients, someone who can hopefully help make an often intimidating industry a little more accessible! Through social media, I plan on posting tips & motivation for actors, sharing client success stories, holding q&a sessions, and of course, making myself available to help through messages.


My Mission

Before officially launching Approachable Actor, for a while, I questioned my qualifications to be this kind of resource for others. I thought, who am I to give advice when I don’t know it all myself? Why would someone come to me over someone more well-known/regarded?


Although I don’t have many big credits to my name just yet, I created Approachable Actor because I have hundreds of hours of research & training under my belt, which I’ve applied to my own career. I also have a lot of knowledge and experiences from my own journey to share (just check out the rest of my website to see what I mean ;)


I am a lifelong learner and growing artist, maybe just like you. So let’s learn and grow together. Make sure to follow @approachableactor on Instagram to join me on my acting career collaborating journey.

Mission Statement: To make the entertainment industry more accessible & approachable for dreamers and doers alike!


Collaborating vs. Consulting

While the services offered by Approachable Actor could be considered career "consulting" I have decided to adopt a more unique naming & application approach. According to Counseling Education, consulting can be defined as "a human service professional assisting a consultee with a work-related (or caretaking-related) problem." In comparison, collaboration is defined as "two or more people working together, using systemic planning and problem-solving procedures to achieve desired outcomes." Now this is more like it! In a collaborative model, as applied by Approachable Actor, power is shared among two collaborators and both professional and personal needs are addressed. 

For questions or inquiries about scheduling a career collaborating session please contact me at

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