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Ryoichi Talk Show Interview

Watch my interview with host Ryoichi Dowling for his talk show!


Interview with SgtFordcademy

Watch the replay of a live video with SgtFordcademy, a platform that promotes young entrepreneurs and financial education!


Interview with Kylie Montigney for "Talk of Fame" Podcast

Watch my interview with host Kylie Montigney for her Podcast series on YouTube!


Feature in Acting Tips Segment on the Actor's Channel 

See my feature in Season 5 Episode 4 of the Actor's Channel "Acting Tips for Actors by Actors" Segment on YouTube!


DrexelNOW Feature

Read my interview for DrexelNOW's publication: "10 New Dragons Discuss Starting at Drexel This Fall!"


Entertainment Network Live Interview 1

Read my talent of the day feature on Entertainment Network Live's website!


JDRF Cabaret Instagram Story Takeover

Scroll through highlights to find my story takeover of JDRF Cabaret's Instagram account for a day. Follow my day as I answer questions & more!

artists alive.jpg

Launch of Instagram Livestream Platform: Artists Alive!

Check out the Instagram profile for Artists Alive: A livestream platform created by an artist for artists to connect and support each other!


Artists Voice Interview 

Read my interview with Artists Voice - "The best in candid interviews with rising stars"


Maryvale Preparatory School Alumnae Feature

Check out my alma matter high school's post about how I've been pursuing an artistic career path post-graduation!


Interview with Jordan-Paige Sudduth for Breaking Character Show!

Watch my interview with fellow actress & filmmaker, Jordan Paige Sudduth, for her series!


"Tales from the Vault" is now streaming on YouTube!

Watch my performance in my first college theatre show, "Pizza Nugget: Tales from the Vault"


Launch of  Approachable Actor!

Check out the Instagram profile for my career collaborating business, Approachable Actor: just an actor on a mission to make the entertainment industry more approachable for all!


Entertainment Network Live Interview 2

Read my interview with actor friend, Nicole Biello, on Entertainment Network Live's website!


Industry Connection Instagram Live with McClairen Eisenhour & Emily Snyder

Watch the replay of a live video with two of my industry friends. Join us as we discuss career goals, acting tips, hobbies, survivalists & more!


JDRF Cabaret Instagram Takeover and Live Performances

Watch my Instagram live cabaret performances and interview to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!


The Miller Family is in the Outdoor Family Competition Show "Survivalists" on BYUtv

Catch our adventure in the rugged wilderness of Idaho streaming now (Ep.5) on BYUtv!

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INDIKids Winter 2016/2017 Magazine Feature

Find my full page feature on page 32! 


"Shoutout LA" Feature

Check out my interview with Shoutout LA, where I share how I chose to pursue an artistic career and more!


Spend Two Days with Me for Breaking Character Show!

Get an inside look at a chill day & a busy day in my life as a college student and actress!


Interview with Troy Alexander for "Inspiration with Troy Alexander"

Watch my interview with Troy Alexander for his Facebook live series on YouTube!


Teen Topics Instagram Live Interview

Watch the replay of a live video with Arianna Fox. Join us as we discuss acting, motivation, entrepreneurship, and more!


Industry Kids Connect Interview

Watch my live interview with talent manager, Ava Palmer, of Avay Talent Management!


Inspire Broadway Instagram Story Takeover

Scroll through highlights to find my story takeover of Inspire Broadway's Instagram account for a day. Follow my day as I answer questions & more!


Actors 2020 Podcast Interview

Listen to my podcast interview with host, Johnny Keath. Thanks for tuning in!


One Minute Meetings with Logan Interview

View my interview with young actress, Logan Marber. Thank you for having me!

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